The Journey so Far

To start out this blog, I will try my best to give a brief description of our journey across this beautiful earth and what pushed us to become nomads spreading peace across this planet that needs positivity more than ever. It all starts as most stories start, with a first step, a scary first step, terrifying in my eyes to be honest. We both graduated from high school and didn’t know what to do with our selves. So we decided to throw on backpacks and head across America from Florida with just a few hundred dollars in our pockets. We did this all by hitch hiking and had no idea what to expect, accept that that there were going to be plenty of restless nights and a struggle for food and water in the coming days. Except, to our surprise that was not the case at all due to the generosity of some very extraordinary souls that reside on this Earth. I will post another script in later days explaining more in depth our first adventure and some tips we picked up along the way. After experiencing such kindness we decided we wanted to help spread the message of charity without acquiring anything in return. We decided the way we would accomplish this newfound goal would be to establish an organic farm of our own and give out the fruits and vegetables to those who need them and at the same time taking in those who desperately need a place to lay their head. So, we came back home for a few weeks and found an organic farm in Michigan that taught us how to cultivate the food that we wished to supply. After this we decided we must be sustainable as well to not only help Mother Earth’s people, but all of her inhabitants and she herself. So, once again, we were off to a new land. This time it was South America where we stayed with such astonishing people who gave us the experience we needed to be sustainable and showed to us that it is possible. I will also write more on all of these experiences more in depth in a later time, as this is just a brief overview. Now here we are in Italy, currently traversing our stunning world experiencing even more kindness along the way as we try to find the perfect place for our organic sustainable farm so that we may help change the direction this world is heading in and to spread the message of peace and positivity behind in our footprints that we leave on our home planet. I will keep this blog updated on our journeys and share more descriptively our past experiences. Also, I will try my hardest to give good information for those who wish to become nomads themselves and how to travel on a vegan diet with little to no money. Good day my fellow humans and may you have an absolutely wonderful life.

Peace and Love from yours truly,

Travis the Earth Wanderer